Saturday, March 27, 2010

Quit all your Programs Here....TVI-$10K in 8 Weeks, we Recruit for You

We understand it may be difficult to recruit referrals as individuals. The solution is here. ALL our members are doubling their investment within 2 weeks, without having to promote the business. Current projections, all members will cycle to US$10,000 within 8 weeks.

The trick here is we are not promoting to join the program at our individual affiliate central person places you and other referrals in our team. Therefore, NO recruiting nor marketing necessary! Of course it assists our team if you do sponsor/refer, but all my projections are based upon if you do not promote.

This is TVI (Travel Vouchers International)

TVI Express (Travel Ventures International) is a travel club like no other sweeping the globe like wildfire. You'll see why..........

Here are the facts :
TVI Express has created 60 millionaires in India since early 2009
Over 600,000 people have joined TVI since February 1st 2009
The first person to join TVI in the United States in July has made over $700,000 TVI Express is aligned with the worlds biggest names in travel such as Sheraton, Marriott, Hertz and all the major airlines just to name a few.

For US$250 you join the Travel Club and you receive instantly:
• 6 nights/7 days FREE stay at a 3 - 5 star resort or hotel
• Free Companion Flight Ticket (buy one get one free, excluding taxes)
• Discounts on various travel deals including – Flights, Car Hire, Cruises, Hotel deals and much more
• Life time access to upcoming promotions and deals. Best of all, this is LIFETIME membership and it is a one-time fee with No annual or monthly fees and there's nothing more to pay. This is an EASY, low cost opportunity with NO ongoing costs or marketing.

Our team matrix continually refers you people to this same opportunity to qualify you to earn a US$10K commission over and over again.

As a Team we assist everyone become qualified to earn $10,000 over and over again. I am a full time internet marketer and renown for my assistance to help my team to succeed. Our new recruits are cycling back their initial investment within two weeks and qualifying for $10K within 8 weeks, yet, this time frame is reducing by the day as our momentum increases. Please do not join under the following affiliate link, it is for information purposes only. Email (your email) for your placement in our team matrix. This is a link to a video presentation to better understand how the program works. Again do not join here. I also have a PowerPoint presentation should you require further information. See for yourself today and realize your dream of traveling for free :-).

Kind regards,Suzi email:

skype: dublisuzi

If you want to join this Great site and grab this once in a life time Opportunity.Then you can join through the link BLOW

Email your name, dob, address, phone and email and your account is initiated. Louise Hayne, my business associate in Australia will email you a paypal invoice to place you in our team matrix. You are in complete control of your program, password protected, referrals are placed under you by Lou. I joined two weeks ago and have already cycled out of the first board (travelers board).I did not have to approach anyone for this to of occurred, which earned me US$250 and a $250 travelers voucher. I had the option of taking commission or reinvesting that money back into the cycle.

By reinvesting, not only do I attain another two positions to cycle, I also accelerate my position to the express board, where once you cycle, you earn US$10,000 commission. Because almost all in our team are reinvesting, the momentum is increasing daily, present projection, I will cycle to $10K within 8 wks, however this is a conservative prediction.

Once you have earned $10K, you then cycle back to travelers board, repeat process and may earn $10K over and over on all placements invested. Our team is moving that fast, everyday you delay it will cost you valuable referrals. Forty eight people entered our board yesterday alone. This is a genuine opportunity, literally hands free guaranteed income. Don't delay, contact me today

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